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Welcome to UKFreeLand

LATEST UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention that there are several other websites that provide the same service as us, but charge a much higher price. The prices range from £12.49 to £99.99, but after checking, we discovered that the information they provide is almost identical to ours.

Legally claim UK land and property!

Most people are unaware of certain laws which enable you to actually claim land and property as your own!!

Interested? Read on...

There are over 8 million plots of land/properties in the UK which are unregistered!

Statistics show that 1,250 plots and properties are being freely & legally claimed every month!

Our members' area contains:

  • Information on how to find property and land
  • How to register a claim
  • Help with all the tiny details
  • The entire step by step process

    Plus we provide all the required forms that you will need to claim your land/house!

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